Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Treats Latin Style

I had the honor and extreme pleasure to make desserts for a Holiday Party hosted last night. 
The Hostess desired having a variety of classic recipes sure to please her guests. 

I planned a dessert menu of small, classic treats.

Here is what I made: 
Vanilla Flan
Bread Pudding (Budin)
Rum Balls
Coconut Kisses (Besitos de Coco)
Mini Pina Colada Cupcakes

Everything was either cut or made into bite-sized portions so that everyone could have a taste of everything without feeling guilty. 

A Blend of Vanilla Wafers, Cocoa Powder, Walnuts, Rum, Light Corn Syrup and Confectioner's Sugar 

A mixture of Coconut flakes, Condensed Milk, Vanilla, and Flour

 A vanilla cupcake with coconut cream and crushed pineapple topped with a
Vanilla Rum Buttercream

The guests and hosts seemed very happy. 
Thank You to the Hostess, N, for allowing me to create wonderful sweets for their special evening. 
I look forward to trying out more new and exciting recipes for a variety of different occasions. 

It was truly a Holiday Feast to celebrate the meaning of the Season! 


  1. Everything came out so delicious that there was nothing left for us at the end of the night after everyone either ate it all or took it with them! Jackie outdid herself.

  2. Yummmm.... I'd love to taste one of each, pleeeease!


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