Monday, May 7, 2012

Non-Food Related Teacher Gifts...

I was a Pre-K teacher for 5 years and, as a former teacher, and crafter, I can appreciate a thoughtful, and personalized gift.

In Honor of the Teachers who work so hard to educate our children, I went to Michael's Craft Store and looked for inspiration there in order to make them a special gift. 

In addition to loving paints and all the wonderful things you can do with them, I also LOVE photography. I have been recently obsessed with the photographs of architecture and nature that look like letters. So I combined a Monogrammed picture with a hand-painted frame for each teacher. 

Thanks to Michael Gibbons from Alfabetfotos:, the kids and I were able to create great gifts for their teachers. I chose the letter that corresponded to their last name and the prints were here in a few days.

We also made another one for the school nurse, because Wednesday is National School Nurse Day and, trust me, she needs all the appreciation we can give her. She sees my children quite often. lol!

Here are the finished frames for the teachers:

We first started with wooden frames ($1.00) at Michael's

Then we used acrylic paint to make the works of art...

'D' for Nurse Diane
And then you have the Beautiful final product.

Mrs. M (Kindergarten teacher)
Mrs. C (4th grade teacher)
All this for under $5.00 each and a wonderful keepsake!!!!

Teacher Appreciation lasts the whole week, so you still have time to make something special for that special teacher!!! 


  1. Thanks for featuring my photographs on your blog. It is always fun to see the many ways my photos are used. Looks great!


  2. I love these. What a personal and very unique gift idea. Mrs. C., Mrs. M., and Nurse Diane must have been so happy with these gifts...surely no one else has given them these before. After this post is seen however, I'm sure a lot of teacher's will be getting similar gifts next year.

  3. Thanks!!! They were so easy to make and so much fun! I know they will treasure these gifts for a long time! Thanks again for the compliment....


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