Saturday, May 26, 2012

A 'Petal Effect' Birthday Cake

A small, simple, yet elegant birthday cake was a request for a birthday luncheon with a few people. 

I made a simple Vanilla Confetti cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. I saw a great idea and technique on the site:
"Glorious Treats" 
for frosting the cake in a beautiful and unique way. 

I often check this site for creative ideas that turn the ordinary into extraordinary. She has delicious recipes too. 

I personally HATE frosting cakes with buttercream. I struggle to get the cake completely smooth. I have tried traditional buttercream and spatula only and the VIVA paper towel technique and I continue to struggle. This technique now has given me hope... I am now ready to take cakes again.  

It was simple to do and that's the truth, especially coming from me. I also made the flowers, the night before, from royal icing and let them dry on waxed paper. I think they added a nice touch. 

For the link to the technique and a picture of her beautiful cake: CLICK HERE

The chocolate buttercream frosting was from 

CLICK HERE to direct you to the frosting recipe. 


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