Sunday, June 10, 2012

Banana Bread

Have I previously mentioned how much my family... Ahem, oldest son loves bananas????

I was privileged enough to have had a few left over, again, and I made a very delicious, very moist 
Banana Bread
with them before my son ate them. Lol... 

I had made one before that I liked, but I was interested in trying another recipe. I began my search with a great website called, 
"My Baking Addiction" 
and, of course, found one there that caught my attention. 

On a side note: Don't you just love the name of her site??? I wish I would have thought of it first...

The bread was so delicious that it was almost all gone before I was able to take pictures of it. 

For the full recipe: Click Here

We literally ate it morning, noon, and night. 

Warning: this recipe makes a lot of banana bread and it filled a whole 9x13 rectangle pan. It was perfect for my Family of Eight. We enjoyed it down to the crumbs and hope that you enjoy it too.


  1. I love banana breads too. Your's looks wonderful! While My Baking Addiction is a great blog name, so too is Just Add Milk :)

  2. Thank Paula!!!! I appreciate your comment so much!!! Thanks for stopping by....


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