Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Cake made for a Princess!!!

My niece is the apple of my eye.
She is truly a girl's girl. 
Last year for her birthday I made her wand cookies for her Tinkerbell Themed Birthday Party. It was the first time working with sugar dough and Royal Icing and I think they came out great. They were a big hit!!!

To see My First Post EVER and the cookies, click on the link below: 

TinkerBell Wand Cookies

This year she planned a Rapunzel/Tangled Themed Birthday Party. 
I had peeked at a few very pretty cakes and wanted to try my hand at using a Wilton Cake Kit for the first time, so I purchased the castle kit, crossed my fingers and started planning....

After lots of planning and trial and error in my head, this is the final cake. I think it came out great for my first attempt at using the kit. Since then, I have peeked at designs that other people have used, while making a cake with the kit, and am excited to try it out again....

I also wanted to include another picture tutorial, so others can see how simple it is to make the cake. 

1. Piped different sized Royal Icing flowers onto waxed paper and let them dry overnight

2. Looked at all the PLAIN castle pieces and chose pieces that I would use. 

3. Hand piped detail onto towers, windows and doors and added the Royal Icing Flowers.

4. Baked 2 cakes - 
One 14-inch Cookies and Cream Pound Cake. I want to say Thank you "Baker Street" for the wonderful recipe. You can find other wonderful recipes at:

I doubled the recipe and used less than the two full batches to fill the 14-inch pan. The remaining batter was used for muffins that my kids ate. They gave me two thumbs up.

For the full Recipe, click this link: Cookies and Cream Pound Cake

I also made a chocolate and vanilla 9-inch checkerboard cake and crumb coated both. 

5. I Frosted the cakes with 2 batches of Cream Cheese Frosting. 
I used my Go-To Recipe from Glorious Treats:

For the Recipe and different variations of it, click here: Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

I tinted one batch of the Cream Cheese Frosting green and left the other batch without tinting.  I frosted both cakes and used the Petal Technique to make faux-bricks on the top tier. I stacked the cakes and then assembled the castle pieces...

And it was done!!! 


  1. I think it turned out wonderfully and your special niece must have been especially delighted!

  2. Thanks, Paula!!! She was!!! The look on her face when she saw it was priceless....


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