Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coconut Shortbread Cookies & A Great Cause

Being Puerto Rican means that you have certain foods and flavors that you just LOVE and cannot live without. That flavor for me is Coconut....

I love anything Coconut. I not only bake with it, I also do some cooking with coconut milk. 

I have such fond memories as a child eating store-boght coconut cookies that were shaped like rectangles. I could not get enough of these cookies as a child. As an adult, I have a difficult time finding them where I live, but when I do find a pack, I typically stash them away in a secret locale and savor a few cookies a day until the pack is empty. 

I was shopping in my local Bed Bath and Beyond, when I came across this cookbook called, "Best Bake Sale Cookbook". What caught my attention was that it was from a non-profit agency called Cookies for Kids' Cancer. I immediately grabbed the book because: (A) I can always use another cookbook and (B) the proceeds went to a great cause. 

When I arrived home, I began to thumb through the cookbook and found a recipe for 'Coconut Shortbread Cookies' and became so excited. I quickly rounded up my ingredients and began baking. 

I was so happy to see that the recipe turned out GREAT. They are so delicious with a hint of Coconut; nothing overpowering.... I enjoyed them so very much and am very excited to try other recipes from this great book. 


If you get a chance, I would recommend that you pick up a copy of the Cookbook for yourself. I may plan a bake sale for the near future, but you don't have to in order to feel as if you have made a contribution to a cause just by treating yourself to a new cookbook. 

Please check out the website: for more information about the organization. 

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  1. Any book that publishes a recipe with shortbread in it is a good book in my book! Love that it helps Kids with Cancer. I'll look for it for sure. The coconut shortbread sounds and looks wonderful.


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