Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Dress Cookies

My cousin is getting married and planning for her 'Big Day'. 
As the Bridal Shower quickly approached, I wanted to offer her a gift that was not only personal, but useful and not something that she would ignore or throw away.

I also wanted to give her a gift that she would always remember and not say, "Who gave this to us???" Ha Ha. 
I think I have a silent, inner desire to stand out in a crowd without intentionally 
standing out...

I made her these beautiful 4 in wedding dress cookies that she would be able to offer her guests as Shower favors. The theme of the shower was 'It's all about the Wedding Dress', so the wedding dress cookie cutter was perfect!!!!

I like simple designs and something that is not overly designed. I looked online for inspiration and came across a tutorial that a favorite cookie decorator (Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle) posted the week before. She showed how one could pipe on a simple flower on any designs and I thought it was perfect. 

For the blog post and tutorial, Click Here: How to Pipe Simple Flowers on Cookies

  I love the way they came out and she has already told me what a wonderful and thoughtful gift they were...

I can't wait for her wedding and wish her Centuries... yes Centuries, of happiness and love!!

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  1. They were a wonderful and beautiful decorated, thoughtful gift.


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