Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Louisiana" Cake

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend. It's the time of the year to visit my mom and feed on an array of wonderful food. She cooks for an army with only a handful of people coming over. 

Being the baker that I am, I always offer to bring desserts. It's also my secret way of trying out new recipes on my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, my uncle and any other friends that stop by to visit her. 

She is the best person to try new recipes on because she can be brutally honest. At first, I would be heart-broken by some of her critiques, but now I welcome her critiques. I know that she wants me to make something that everyone can enjoy. 

I'm not sure if it's sympathy pregnancy, but the goodies that Kristan has been making on her blog have looked OUT OF THIS WORLD. She is currently 29 weeks pregnant and, as always, is creating amazing things that anyone can make. 

You need to totally check out her blog at :

On Aug 26th, I was so happy to wake up to a blog post about the "Cake Doctor" and a totally delicious cake that Kristan made. She called it "Honeybun Cake". So I decided that this was the winner of the "Which Dessert to Take to Mama's House" contest happening in my brain. 

Firstly, I was so excited to know that someone else loves the Cake Doctor as much as I do. In my many, many moves from one place to another, I lost my recipe book and have been meaning to pick up a replacement ever since. It's puts a nice twist on cake mixes that make them extra special.

Here is the cake I made:

For the full recipe and blog post, Click Here -  Honeybun Cake

My husband, the official Taste Tester, tasted the piece I used for the photo shoot and LOVED it....

But the true test was my mom and the other 'critics'. Well.....

They LOVED it and said it reminded them of the "Louisiana Crunch Cake" produced by Entenmann's. That was one of the best compliments ever And was totally by accident... So, I have renamed the cake the "Louisiana" Cake....

When the day was done, there was only 2 small pieces left that lasted only until the next day in my home. 

Thanks Kristan for the wonderful recipe. You made all of our tummies happy, even my Mama!!!! 

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  1. Yes, Kristan is an amazing and very funny lady and her blog is such a treat to read, as is yours.

    How lovely does your cake look!! How wonderful that everyone, especially your Mom enjoyed it.


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