Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pink Puppy in Paris Birthday

I was thrilled when my Goddaughter wanted me to make her cake for her 8th Birthday.

When my friend told me that the theme was 'Puppies', I had some ideas for what I wanted to make. She then showed me the Cake Topper and sent me a link to the paper goods on 'Birthday Express'. I was thrilled to see all the beautiful colors. Her only request was that the cake be Purple!!!

I decided to make a two-tiered cake and try my hand at fondant again. I had some success last year with my daughter's cake, but I was still hesitant to keep using it. The bottom tier was a white cake (tinted purple) and yellow butter cake. The top tier was a chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips in the batter.  

The cakes were delicious and she was thrilled with the way it turned out!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute cake! I'm sure your God-daughter was over the moon with it.


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