Friday, October 26, 2012

Thomas the Train Cookies

I had the honor of being asked to make several very special cookies for a special little boy.

He is a big Thomas the Train fan and his mother was making his special birthday EXTRA special by doing it Thomas the Train themed. 

While doing my research online for ideas, I came across another fellow baker from NY, "The Baking Sheet". She makes amazing cookies and cakes. She can be found at 

Her great idea incorporated two cookies to make the Thomas more 3-Dimensional. 

I grabbed my cookie cutters, made some dough and went ahead and tried it out.

I think they came out great. I love the details that he has from the front view instead of the side view. It was great to start off with two different cookies and then see the transformation of how it all came together.

I was very excited to complete these cookies and I hope that I made his birthday just a little more special by creating something especially for him. 

1 comment:

  1. You did a fabulous job! The birthday boy must have been over the moon with these ;)


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