Friday, July 5, 2013

It's been a long time....

Since January 3rd, my husband and I took a leap of faith and decided that we needed a change in scenery and change in lifestyle. 

We decided to leave the hustle and bustle of city living and embark on a 
House Hunting Adventure in the Rural areas of our home state. 

While looking for the house of our dreams, we also realized that we needed to enjoy the little everyday things in life. Life is too short and too stressful to worry all the time. Before you know it, the kids are grown and you've missed so much. 

We moved into our new home, in the country, on June 28th
and we haven't looked back....

I will catch you all up with all the great things I have baked before moving and since moving. It was so chaotic that I barely had time to take pictures and neglected my blog. And for that, I apologize. 

Although my passion is baking, my passion is also my family and making special memories with them. 

My friends, I've missed you all and am happy to be back.

Now... Let's get to baking and making more wonderful memories...

Here's to a Sweet Life.....

- J


  1. I have missed you! I am glad you are back and you have moved to the country. I only wish you would have moved closer to me! I hope you enjoy your new home and I am looking forward to all things you are going to bake!!


    1. Thank you Bearfoot Baker for the well wishes. I have missed you and have missed being here and I am sorry for the late response to the comment. I had turned off my notifications while away... Now that I'm back, I can't wait to share all the things that I am up to. xoxoxo


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