Friday, May 16, 2014

Flowers, flowers and special words


Spring is a time of new beginnings, new life and warmer weather. With that comes beautiful flowers and moments with my family that I love to cherish. 

This latest cookie project had a few things that I was dying to try: 

- Wet on wet creations
- More flower petals with the brush technique

I looked on my Pinterest account for 'Spring' cookies that I may have pinned and also looked to my trusty fellow decorators for inspiration. 

These daisy cookies were inspired by 'Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies'. Her beautiful creations can be found at:

Her original set was made with a square cookie cutter and I loved the way it looked. I love the way the wet-on-wet technique and then the dry flowers on top give the cookie a great 3-D feel. These were my favorite cookies to make. I was so hesitant, though, and wanted each flower to be just perfect while making them. I stress myself out for no reason, as my family loved them!

These cookies were inspired by my dear friend 'The Bearfoot Baker'. Her beautiful creations can be found at:

Her original design had a striking brown background that made the flowers really 'pop' out of the design. Since I only made three colors for these cookies, I stuck with the Blue, Yellow and White I already had on hand. I love the way these came out too. 

I also made cookies with words that best described my loved ones. 
They were even more special because I thought of my mother, sister, aunt and loved ones while I searched for words that described each of them.  

Springtime and Mother's Day inspired this set of cookies. I think it added such a personalized touch to such a Special Day and Special time of the year.


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