Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Giving Back and what I do on Facebook

Sometimes I have to admit the obvious... I am a social media addict. I don't necessarily use Facebook to gossip with other people or start a feud between old friends, BUT I do the following: 

- I stalk celebrity gossip news
- I stalk other cookie decorators and food bloggers


The first one is kind of a time killer and also brain cell killer and my guilty pleasure. 

My husband often wonders why I care so much about people I don't know and will never meet, but I have always had a weird fascination with celebrities and the lives they live. Don't get me wrong, I am not an attention seeker myself and would NEVER want to be famous, but I love to hear juicy gossip. LOL! 

It is so bad that I consider a subscription to 'US Weekly', given to me by my oldest daughter, one of the BEST gifts ever. 

The second is just a fascination with food. I LOVE all things food, if you couldn't tell by this baking blog. Although I have always been a dessert before dinner, in my mind, kinda girl, I fancy a great meal now. I have learned to appreciate food so much more now that I'm older. 

When looking at other Facebook pages I follow, I feel a sense of community and being able to gawk at the beautiful things others have made. 

So, it happens to be that on a particular day, I came across a post from 'The Baking Sheet'. She is a baker from my state that I follow and I always admire her cakes, especially how perfect her fondant skills are. On this post, she expressed gratitude on receiving a letter and a Thank You sticker from "Icing Smiles", a non-profit organization that provides cakes and decorated cookies to families affected by the critical illness of a child. 

I immediately looked up the site and read the requirements and within minutes, I had filled out the donation form without thinking twice about it. 

I was so excited. That was on March 30th and on April 14th, I received an email with a request for decorated cookies for a little boy and his family in Georgia. I accepted the assignment and began to brainstorm ideas. Since there was no request for design, I was told to make something generic. 

My representative, Tiffany, from the organization was wonderful. She answered all my questions and helped me choose an appropriate design.  We agreed that I could make summer-themed cookies and I could not be happier with the way they turned out. 

The family received a total of 20+ cookies in total. I hope they loved them as much as I loved making them. 

The gift of giving fills and warms the heart....

Have a Sweet Day! 


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