Monday, July 7, 2014

"Frozen" Birthday Party Cake and Cookies

When my niece has a birthday and says,  "jump", I most certainly do.....

This year's theme was "Frozen". 

Since my sister was celebrating her birthday at a all-inclusive party place (crafts, pizza and cupcakes), I decided to surprise my niece with a small, itty bitty Olaf-inspired cake. 

I made her a two-tiered (6 in and 4in) cake complete with an Olaf topper, royal icing snowflakes and small fondant snowballs. 

I found an AMAZING step-by-step/picture-by-picture tutorial on how to make Olaf with fondant and gumpaste on Cake Central. 

If you want to try and make an Olaf too, you can find the tutorial HERE:

I followed the tutorial, but my Olaf was a little different that the one pictured on the tutorial, as I made him standing on his two snow-feet and not leaning to the side. I also ran a wooden skewer through the whole body into the head so he'd be a lot more stable. 

I added some royal icing snowflakes and some fondant snowballs. I dusted it all with some shimmering disco dust to give the illusion of snow. My niece totally LOVED it!!! and was soooo surprised!!! 

Also included in the party bags were Snowflake sugar cookies that added that extra special touch to the whole occasion. A little airbrush in the center of each cookie added a little pizzazz to the cookies.... 

I am so happy with the way everything turned out!!!!


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