Saturday, May 5, 2012

To Brownie Pan or Not to Brownie Pan????

Hello All!!!!

I've missed you guys so much...
Today's question: Is a Brownie Pan worth the investment?? And by investment I mean $3.64 at the Christmas Tree shop. And while many of you think that $3 and change is no big investment, I have had to tally up in my mind all the 'investments' in baking that I've made. Many of these "Seen on TV" things don't work 99% of the time. 
But with the hopes that another 'gadget' baking pan would do the trick, I made the investment. 

Although I was skeptical, I put my knowledge of baking into this project too. I greased the pan with shortening. (I have done this before, but have had inconsistent success with using a mini cupcake pan to make bite sized brownies.) I then made the brownie batter, poured it in and kept my fingers crossed. 

This is what the pan looks like: 

And this is the end result:

Just Delicious!!!!!

The kids REALLY enjoyed them and I think that I may need to make another trip to the Christmas Tree Shop and pick up another pan.

The pan made approximately 12 full brownie cakes. 


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