Friday, June 15, 2012

A Picture Tutorial: Brush Embroidery Cookies

I had the honor of being asked to make cookie favors for my dearest friend's mother's birthday celebration. 

As I always give credit to the the wonderful bloggers I follow and take inspiration from, I also wanted to add a few pictures that show you all the process of completing these cookies. 

All I had to do, during my initial research, was 'Google' "65th birthday cookies" and was pleasantly surprised to find a post by 'Haniela' on this exact topic. I almost jumped up and down in excitement. I couldn't wait to see how she made her beautiful cookies.  

Her original post with picture tutorial can be found here: 
Coral Green and Ivory Birthday Cookies 

I followed her instructions and changed the colors to match my friend's request and was extremely pleased with the results.

Here is a photo displaying the process. An explanation of each step is below this picture. 

Picture #1. I started out piping the Royal Icing '65' onto wax paper.I let them dry overnight.

Picture #2. I then flooded the cookies. While the icing was still wet, I carefully removed a '65' from the waxed paper and placed it on the wet icing and let the cookies dry completely.

I had been dying to try 'Brush Embroidery' and thought this was the perfect occasion to test out my skills. So at 10pm, with a strong cup of tea, I started watching Youtube videos and found this great one by "SweetAmbs Cookies" demonstrating how Brush Embroidery is done. 

**A post with her beautiful cookies can be found on her site by clicking HERE

Picture #3. My practice sheet that I made before attempting to decorate the first cookie.

(My hands were shaking so bad because I really wanted them to come out nice.)

Once again, I'm really pleased with the end result and I can't wait to make more of these beautiful cookies. 


  1. You did an outstanding job on your cookies and I know that your friend, her mother and everyone who was there to celebrate her 65th birthday had to love them.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Paula... I truly enjoy the process of making treats for others to enjoy.


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