Saturday, July 28, 2012

Police Officer Retirement Cookies

I am always honored to make cookies for other people's Special Occasions. 
This project was no different. It was made even more special, though, because it was family. 

My cousin's husband has retired from the Police Force after putting in his 20 years. 
I am grateful that he was able to complete his duties safely while providing for his family. 

My cousin contacted me to make a special cookie she would use for a favor at his Surprise Retirement Party. After sending sketches back and forth, we agreed on a simple badge with White and Blue as the main colors. 

I decided to make a round cookie and sketched the badge shape onto card stock that I hand-drew onto each cookie. 

This was the final product....

She was very happy with the design and how they came out. 

I first made Royal Icing transfers in Grey to add a 'lift' to the middle of the cookie and give it dimension. I think it added a little 'something' to the final product. 

I wrote some letters in blue...

The last name in white...

Finally, I outlined the badge just to finish off the design. 

She said that everyone loved them and I am so happy to have been able to contribute to this very special occasion. Here is to the next chapter in their lives that's about to begin!!!!!

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  1. Ccongratulations to Officer Vega on his retirement after 20 years of dedicated service to the NYPD! Your very special cookies for him turned out wonderful!


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