Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Get Together Dessert Table

I have to admit that as soon as I hear the words "Summer Get Together", a ton of recipes start immediately running through my head. I love that summer desserts incorporate so much fruit and are usually light and Oh... So.... Tasty.... 

For this Summer Get Together, I made a desserts for the 25-30 guests attending, that would offer a little something for everyone. From cupcakes to cookies and Berry Shortcake and Snack Cake, I think it came out great.  

***My daughter actually set the table up for me. I think she has a great future in table design. Don't you agree? She did a great job!!!!!

On the table are the following items:
Click on the item name to go directly to the page with the recipe.

Mojito Cupcakes inspired by a recipe from Brown Eyed Baker
Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies inspired by a recipe by My Baking Addiction
Blueberry snack cake with toasted pecan topping inspired by a recipe by Food52
- Berry Shortcakes in a plastic goblet

Thank you to Brown Eyed Baker, My Baking Addiction and Food52 for the wonderful recipes!!! They were a big hit! 

I was told that everyone loved all the desserts and were happy with the variety offered. Thanks again, N, for entrusting me to make desserts and special treats for your Summer Get Together!!!!

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  1. Get togethers are always fun but so much more enjoyable during the summer with the great weather. You certainly gave everyone a bounty of beautiful desserts to choose from and your daughter sure sets one lovely dessert table.


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