Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2013 Year in Review - Cookies

As promised... Here is my 2013 Year in Review - Cookie Edition. 

It was such a busy year that I made just a handful of cookies. 

#1: Autumn Fall Cookies with Raspberry Jelly Centers
      These were our favorites last year. Although time consuming, they are SO delicious. 
      Used my 'go to' Sugar Cookie Recipe, Raspberry Jam, and Powdered Sugar

#2: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with Powdered Sugar East Design
      Needed something quick and Festive and this did the trick... Love these!!!

#3: Pascal from "Tangled" cookies used as cupcake toppers
      For a dear friend's daughter's birthday. The toppers were a surprise and she LOVED                 them!

#4: Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookies
      These were additions to my nephew's birthday party. Instead of labor-intensive                         decorated cookies in the goodie bags, i offered these to my sister as an alternative. 

#5: Baptism Monogrammed Cookies for a friend's baby
      I love the simple design of the cookies. So classic

#6: Chocolate Mint M&M cookies....
       Wow, that was a mouthful. And, yes, I made these about 3 times more... YUM!

#7: Baby Simba Cave Painting Cookies
      These were for my dear friend's son's birthday. They were hand painted, as my airbrush 
      was clogged and I needed to think quick to make this look like the movie. 

#8: Mickey First Birthday Cookie Platter
      For my nephew's First Birthday Celebration. The variety was nice and the colors so 

Thanks for taking a look at what I made last year....

Looking forward to making more wonderful creations this year....

"Living a Sweet Life..."

              - Jackie


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