Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Very Bubble Guppies Birthday

If you all follow this blog, you know that when my children (including my niece and nephew) make a special request for their birthday, I always try my best to get the job done. 

For my Nephew's 2nd Birthday, My sister told me that it would be a 

"Bubble Guppies Birthday Party" 

Complete with a "Bubble Guy" entertainer. 

So I went right to work looking up ideas to create a dessert table fit for a Prince, I mean 'Merboy'. And I found a million Ideas on Pinterest....

For the cake, I made a Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cake as the bottom layer and a Cinnamon Streusel top layer. 
Decorated the whole cake with blue Vanilla Buttercream and Blue Fondant 'Wave' decor.

For the decor, I attached Bubble Guppies characters made out of Wafer paper and made with edible ink. 
I also added Brown Sugar 'Sand' and Fondant seashells, starfish and sand dollars with some green royal icing seaweed. 

Clamshell Snickerdoodle cookies also adorned the table with Royal Icing holding the Bubblegum 'Pearl. 

Excuse the fuzzy picture. I also made Banana Upside-down Muffin Sand Castles with little paper flags. Laying in the Brown Sugar 'Sand' were Vanilla Sugar cookie and Royal Icing Sand Dollars. 

The Bubble Guppies also made an appearance on the Sugar Cookies decorated with Wafer Paper and Royal Icing Border. 

The 'Bubble Guppies' Dessert Table was a Success. I think everyone enjoyed the tasty creations made for his birthday. 

Also included on the table were: 
Cake Pops
#2 and letter 'A' sugar cookies
And the SMASH cake for the birthday boy. 


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